Justin Southey

Contemporary African Artist



Born in rural South Africa in 1985

He majored in photography graduating Cum Laude from Stellenbosch Academy of Graphic Design and Photography (2007), with a BA in Applied Design. 

Justin's works are held in various private and corporate collections around the world and His works have been exhibited in South Africa, Australia and Germany


Justin Southey's practice explores notions of landscapes and fantastical worlds that serve as metaphors for more unquantifiable emotional and spiritual spaces.

Acting like ephermal mirages, the artist's ambition is to explore and capture the intertwining and transcendent quality of the unseen. Capturing momentary feelings in a visual form, these investigations are both deeply personal and also often made in response to his immediate environment

With playful bold swathes of colour, texture and exuberant mark making, there is a push and pull the viewer experiences, directing the eye and stimulating the senses.

These ‘landscapes’ reveal melodious harmony and an overall narrative, and upon closer inspection investigating smaller worlds unfold, that invite the viewer to dream and imagine the atmosphere of physical space.

Artist CV

2022 Spring, Group Show, EverardRead, Franschoek

2022 Things I'd like to remember, group show, EverardRead CT

2021 Oasis, 25th Anniversary group show, Everard Read Capetown

2021 Transept, Group show

2021 The Absolutely fabulous spring Show, EverardRead JHB

2020 Summer, EverardRead/Circa CapeTown

2020 TINY, Group Show, EverardRead/Circa Johannesburg

2020: STILL, Group Show, EverardRead/Circa CapeTown 

2019/2020: Do not go gentle into that good night, Solo Show, Cavalli Estate 

2019: Summer, Group Show, EverardRead/Circa CapeTown,

Neill Wright, Shany Van Den Berg, Lionel Smit, Giovanna Biallo Stone, Skubalisto, Richard Penn, Nigel Mullins, Louise Mason, Turiya Magadalela, Swain Hoogevorst, Kate Arthur, Erin Chaplin, Nic Bladen

2018: Sublimis, M Contemporary, Sydney

Jordan Sweke, Galia Gluckman, Justin Southey

2018: In the Forests of the Night, Circa, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

2017: Summer, Group Show, Everard Read , Cape Town, South Africa

Deborah Bell, Galia Gluckman, Syndi Kahn, Louise Mason, John Meyer, Richard Penn, Penelope Stutterheime,, Andrezej Urbanski

2017: Cubicle group series: Bathyal. Circa Gallery Cape Town

(Justin Southey,Penelope Stutterheime, Galia Gluckman, Louise Mason, Lynette Bester)

2016: Kingdom, Group Show, Cavalli Estate , Cape Town, South Africa

2016: Winter Collection, Group Show, Everard Read , Cape Town, South Africa

(Beezy Bailey, Lionel Smit, Ricky Dyaloyi, Matt Hindley, Andrzej Urbanski, Diana Hysiop, Justin Southey, Vusi Khumalo, Percy KonQobe, Lorainne Lotz, Louise MAson, Denby Meyer, John Meyer, Velaphi Mzimba, Jo O, Louise Oliver, Kevin Roberts, Bret Charles Seiler, Peter Sibanda, Lucky Sibiya, HelmutStarcke, Shany Van Den Berg, Simon Wurz, Arabella Caccia, Lynette Bester, Isabella Chydenius, Stephen Conroy, Wilma Cruise, Guy Ferrer, Galia Gluckman, Liza Grobler, Conrad Hicks,)

2016: Pastoral Abstraction, Group show, Everard Read , Cape Town, South Africa

(Dylan Lewis, Alexandra Karkashian, Swain Hoogervorst, Bret Rubin, Sean slemon, Jordan Sweke, Justin Southey)

2013: Memphis/ african Totemism, group show, Design Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa

(curted by Li Edelkoort,)

2013: Back in 5 mins, group show , Salon91, Cape Town, South Africa 

(curated by Monique du Preez)

2012: Wild Things, Group show , Salon91, Cape Town, 

(curated by Monique du Preez)

2011: Something New, Side Street Studios, Cape Town, South Africa

(curated by Senyol/Southey/Mackay)

2011: Vast, Studio Group Show, Searle st Post, Cape Town, South Africa

(curated by Senyol/Southey/Mackay)

2011: BFF, Studio Group Show, Woodstock Industrial, Cape Town, South Africa

(curated by Senyol/Southey/Mackay)

2010: Ark; Group Show, Bamboo Centre, JHB, (curated by Damon Gustang)

2009: No Strange Land; Group show, Salon91, Cape Town, South Africa (curated by Monique du Preez